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Let's keep the Social in Social Learning E-mail
Written by Jonathan   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 20:24

Let's keep the Social in Social Learning

The following article was published for the Institute of IT Training (IITT) April [2011].

The spread of Social Media is increasing apace.  Technologies such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Yammer (but to name just three) are increasingly allowing individuals to share information at a rate and speed never before possible.  As with many new 'things', the L&D community has embraced Social Media and coined the term "Social Learning."  In this article, Jonathan Kettleborough takes a journey through the phenomenon that is Social Learning and wonders why, in an age where personal connections count for so much, the idea of being social is in danger of being left behind.  Want to read something this month that will certainly get you thinking?  Read on!




You can see the full article at this link:  Let's keep the Social in Social Learning

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