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How L&D can drive UK performance E-mail
Written by Jonathan   
Friday, 25 February 2011 22:15

How L&D can drive UK performance

The following article was published for the Institute of IT Training (IITT) March [2011].

The L&D community is constantly trying to provide solid links between effort put in and results delivered.  We’ve seen training measured in terms of hours, days, number of interventions, hours of e-learning, happy sheets, ROI and the list seemingly goes on for ever.  In this article, Jonathan Kettleborough looks at how L&D can drive the performance of the UK economy.  He shows where, as L&D professionals you can add real and lasting value.  Want to know the two key areas you should be focussing on?  Read on!



You can see the full article at this link:  How L&D can drive UK performance

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