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Setting your departmental strategyThis presentation was one of two delivered at the Learning Technologies conference in 2004.

You may be familiar with the reactive and unorganised training department which deliver courses to an often intolerant customer organisation, and is never quite clear exactly what needs to be delivered, when and to whom.  It is usually the last to be invited to project planning meetings, and often far too late to influence either the timing of training plans or the allocated budget.  It is not asked to play a part in strategic thinking, and anyway it would not have the time to.  In fact, it is just too busy rushing to get that last bit of course development finished.

A strategically focused and therefore pro-active training department in contrast works to the agreed needs of the organisation, delivering significant value at all levels whilst attracting and retaining the optimum resources in terms of people and budget.  

The objective of this workshop is to help you identify initial shortfalls within your training department and begin to scope out the fundamentals for a departmental strategy.


You can see the presentation by following this link:  Setting your departmental strategy

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