Corollis Ltd
Privacy Policy E-mail

We value your privacy.  We won't take advantage of you or exploit you becuse it's very bad for business.  We, Corrollis Limited (Corollis) [that's the legal bit out of the way] know that you want to see our stuff but don't want to be hounded by us for looking at it, and we're totally fine wih that. 

We want to protect and safeguard your privacy when you're using our website.  We belive in this so much tat you can get all of our articles, presentsations and anything else we care to bore you with without submitting any personal data.  If you do want to contact us then we do ask for some personal information.  We're not holding this - we just want to stop people spamming us, although the pills, potions and Russion brides do sometimes seem a decent deal ;-)  We give you acess to our stuff and trust that you won't abuse it.  If you do then we'll tell your Mum - so be warned!

Data Collection Overview

We only use online forms should you want to contact us via our website.  You only give us information if you want to.  We may ask for name, address, company, and e-mail, but this is only so we can say hello back and spell your name correctly!  We promise we won't abuse the trust you have shown in us.


The only place we use cookies is with tea and sometimes coffee.  Actually we prefer the term biscuits, but either way we don't use cookies in any way to track you.

Web Bugs

We don't use Web bugs or any other type of "hidden detection and tracking" [crikey] technology or coding in our web pages.  Frankly we're not clever enough to do this and we're also too busing delivering quality consulting to try and understand the technology involved.

E-mail Addresses

We don't collect your e-mail address without you giving us this information so we can get in contact with you (via our online Contact Us form).  Oh, and we don't store it then either - perhaps except for a slip of paper which we may put somewhere safe - never to be discovered again!

We may use your e-mail information for service, sales, support, and marketing purposes (oh that's so legal sounding).  If you don't wish to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know.  We promise not to abuse your trust in us and to be honest we know that sending spam to people is a real turn off anyway!

Our clients are very special to us and for that reason we won't share your e-mail address with other organisations or companies.  Actually, we don't know how to!

Postal Addresses

We only collect postal addresses from you if you give us this information (typically via our online Contact Us form).  Where you live is unimportant to us; what we can do to make you business better is what keeps us awake at night.

We may use your postal address information for service, sales, support, and marketing purposes (actually we won't - this is just another legal statment to keep everyone happy).  If you don't want letters from us then let us know. And anyway, with the price of postage these days we're probably going to call you instead.  But you kow what; people we know call us - we don't go sending them letters for the sake of it - except invoices which are very important to all of us!

As we don't hold your postal address the we can't share it with other organisations or companies.  That's a promise.  We know this because we don't keep your addresses because we know if you want our services then you'll find us.

Telephone Numbers

We don't collect telephone numbers from you unless you give us these in an email (typically via our online Contact Us form).  Even if you do, we're not clever enough to save them in a web 2.0 CRM online synchronous system to exploit in the future.

If you contact us then we may call you.  If we know you we may call you.  If we call you and we don't know you then we apologise as our fat fingers have dialled the wrong number!

Oh, and if we know you're number, we won't give it to anyone else - promise.

Information Disclosure

We don't sell, trade, or rent your personal information to anyone else.  We wish we could, but people we know do good things; they don't want to be in Hello magazine or be bothered by us all the time.

You can request your personal information at any time by contacting us.  We don't store it so if you contact us to check this then we'll answer you with a bit of a blank email/expression.  We don't keep your details to make money from you.  If you want us then we're here; if not then we're not going to hound you.

Policy Changes

If all of a sudden (unlikely) we decide to turn into an online marketing and spamming comapny then we'll update our privacy policy and post on this website.


We thrive on feedback; tell us what you think or just say hello.  If we've got something wrong then we'll change it just as soon as we can.

In a nutshell . . .

That's it.  We're here to help you, not to flood you with email marketing web 2.0 Twitter Facebook initiatives.  That doen't mean we're old and fuddy-duddy; it's just that we like doing business with lovely people.